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MIRSHAFIEI DESIGN was founded in 1980 by Aliakbar Mirshafiei, an award-winning architect. Over the past four decades, the firm has completed numerous successful projects with unique architectural designs for a variety of building categories such as residential, apartment complexes, commercial, and public buildings. They are committed to innovative design solutions in harmony with spatial experiences, providing a fluid functionality of the created forms for ideal and unique user experiences, as well as paying particular attention to project-driven aesthetic details.

Today, Mirshafiei Design is a multidisciplinary platform pushing the boundaries of the building industry and design possibilities, with extensive experiences in building design, structural analysis, and construction consulting.

Among their services are internationally recognized companies such as SENSEQUAKE, a world leader in structural health monitoring and smart seismic assessment of buildings. Sensequake’s very owned technologies have been widely used on important structures such as the Canadian Parliament, Supreme Court of Canada, Canada Revenue Agency, and the Thousand Island International Bridge.

Mirshafiei Design’s goal is to make the building industry a more cohesive field where all its contributor disciplines are closely interconnected. This will bring more integrity to the building process as well as increase the reliability of buildings that were uniquely designed and built. On a larger scale, there will be better, safer, and smarter cities to live in.

Architecture lecture at University of Southern California – April 2012

Aliakbar Mirshafiei
Aliakbar MirshafieiFounder, Principal
Master of Urban Planning
Iran National University – 1984

Master of Architectural Engineering
Iran National University – 1978

Bachelor of Architectural Engineering
Iran National University – 1976

Aliakbar Mirshafiei an award-winning architect and artist, founded his practice some 40 years ago. Mr. Mirshafiei started his bright career while being an architecture student where he had many collaborations with reputable architecture firms and great architects. His artistic vision and keen eyes on construction details along with his vast knowledge of the building industry promoted him very quickly. He then started his own practice and has designed and completed hundreds of private and public buildings ever since. Many of which were residential apartment buildings in Tehran, several outstanding mosques and mausoleums in Khansar his hometown, landmark projects such as Rose commercial complex in Tehran, Khansar City Hall, and the University of Khansar.

His global vision in the AEC and building industry of a need for a smarter construction system led to the establishing of Sensequake by his two elder sons who hold PhDs in structural engineering and electrical engineering. Sensequake, a structural tech company headquartered in Montreal Canada, is a leader in structural health monitoring and smart seismic analysis in the world. They have analyzed important buildings and structures across North America such as Parliament of Canada and Thousand Islands Bridge. Mr. Mirshafiei’s consultation was a key reason for the success of this tech startup company.

Farzad Mirshafiei
Farzad MirshafieiDesign Partner
Master of Architecture, M. Arch.I
UCLA – 2014

BSc. Architectural Engineering
IAU – 2010

Farzad Mirshafiei is a design Partner of Mirshafiei Design and has been actively working in the industry since 2008. Since his early years in architecture world, he has been an apprentice to his father, Aliakbar Mirshafiei, and had worked with him on notable projects in Tehran while obtaining his bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering. In 2009, he founded M&A Architects, where they won a few international architectural competitions for their unique vision on the future of architecture. Following this, he moved to Los Angeles and continued his education at UCLA where he received his Master of Architecture under the leadership of world-class architects such as Frank Gehry and Tom Mayne. During his master’s program, his professor Tony Cosica noticed Farzad’s comprehensive knowledge in architecture and construction and invited him to work on the realization of two new iconic restaurants in LA, House of Pies Venice and House of Pies Glendale. Since 2013, Farzad has been collaborating with CosciaDay architecture and design on several high-end commercial and residential projects in Los Angeles, Malibu, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Glendale, and Venice.


  • Future of Home  CBC Radio invited Farzad Mirshafiei on their NEXT BIG THING program aired on Sep 24, 2021 to discuss the future of home
  • Bubble Skyscraper and A House For 2050 studies on new typologies for futuristic architecture were published in the following books, magazines, and websites:  Evolo Skyscrapers, Design Bureau Chicago, PACE Magazine Malaysia, LeTabouret magazine Russia, ArcDaily.com, eVolo.us, DesignDaily.com
  • The Aether Project, a study on robotic motions and digital manufacturing with real-time projection mapping in the advancement of the discipline of architecture, was published widely as a pioneer project on The Discovery Channel, Wired, Sucker PUNCH, LeapMotion, and many more


Apr. – May 2015, 50 Years UCLA Alumni Exhibition, UCLA
Jun. 2014, Exhibit at Dwell on Design, Los Angeles Convention Center
Spring 2014, Currents Exhibition, UCLA Architecture Department
Winter 2014, Currents Exhibition, UCLA Architecture Department
Fall 2013, Currents Exhibition, UCLA Architecture Department
Jun. 2010, Calligraphy in National Academy of Arts, Tehran
Feb. 2007, Watercolor Paintings Exhibition in Atashzad Art Gallery

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